Open House: Preview of Coming Attractions

Ashland Gardens and The Gardens hosts an annual Open House each Winter. It is an evening full of wedding planning bliss where you can view each facility, meet our wonderful recommended vendors, taste test cake flavors, sample hors d’oeuvres, and take a look at all of the planning services we can offer you. Think: Mini-Bridal Show. Admission is free and when you register, you are signed up for a multitude of door prizes that range from a free limo to significant discounts on our packages. Lots of the vendors offer Open House Specials and can check their availability for your big day on the spot. This event is a HUGE time and money saver when it comes to planning your wedding. Our current and potential brides are all encouraged to attend.

Be Our Guest!

This year, we are  looking at possible online pre-registration to save you even more time that night. This event is not to be missed! As soon as the date is decided  – we will let you know. (Just FYI, traditionally it is scheduled on a Tuesday evening from 6-9PM in mid-late January or early February).

Let us know if you have questions about the Open House or how to be put on the VIP Early Invite list!

Have a beautiful, stress-free
Wedding Day & Planning Experience!
Don’t miss our Annual Open House!


The Shoe Story

Brides are always looking for fun ways to infuse a little color or style into their wedding day. One of the unexpected ways they go about this is with their shoes! Think brightly colored pumps with a white wedding dress, the entire wedding party in TOMS,  or the bridesmaids in Ssekos. We love seeing a hot red high heel peek out from under an elegant gown or Converse sneakers keeping the Groom comfortable in his tux!

TOMS for the Groomsmen
DIY Details on the Bride’s Shoes

Sseko Designs are fun and for a good cause!
…and a great attendant gift!

Speaking of staying comfy – you are going to be on your feet a LOT that day! Be prepared to break in those shoes early and often or you might be tempted to ditch them on the big day. Lots of Brides provide their attendants with fun flats or flip flops for after the ceremony so they can dance the night away and not have to completely lose their shoes.

Red and Blue Sneakers keep this couple comfy!

Something else we have started to see is DIY details on classic designs – like rhinestone heels on a simple white pump, or lace backing on a nude heel. Pinterest is full of fun ideas to get your creative ideas flowing when it comes to spicing up a shoe. Creating something a little different will ensure you have a one-of-a-kind!

Pin these here :

DIY Gemstone Heels

And…Pin these here :

A fabulous DIY project!

Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a different experience for every bride. No wedding is the same and certainly no bride is the same. At Ashland Gardens and The Gardens, we recognize this and look forward to the challenge and joy each new wedding brings. Lots of women come to us bubbly, with lists and notebooks and binders and books and magazine cutouts, so very thrilled to plan their big day. Some come to us overwhelmed, unsure, and even frustrated by the whole process – we totally get it! It is a LOT of work to plan a day that has so many elements, so many details. Whether you have been planning since you were seven, or you have just started and the date is fast approaching, we have tools that we can equip you with to help make your wedding day easy as pie.

Our all-inclusive packages automatically wipe out a ton of your planning checklist, seriously, get that red pen out and start “x”-ing off those tasks. Cakes – we have that covered. Music – got it. Minister – done and done. Pretty much anything that might be giving you fits, we can help out with. And then there are all the things you never thought of, like the glassware and the forks, for example.  No last minute trips to the party depot or event rental store for you – we provide that as well. All that to say, it is our pleasure to assist you in planning and coordinating each aspect of your event. Check out everything that is included in all of our packages, we bet it will shock you. Call us today for pricing – that gets some people pretty excited as well! Never hesitate to call us or shoot us an email with any and all of your questions. Our coordinators are ready to take the burden off of your shoulders or get excited with you about the plans you already have (you know, the ones you made in the 9th grade!).

Please visit our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for information, packages, pictures, and just tons and tons of wedding ideas.

We pride ourselves in helping the best brides in the city have the most beautiful planning experience and wedding day possible. Happy Planning!