Delaram and Scott : An Intimate Ceremony

Delaram and Scott say “I do.”

Here at Ashland Gardens and The Gardens, we offer a number of packages that we provide to couples and families to aid them in planning the most stress free event possible. One of the packages we offer is The Intimate Ceremony Package.

Our Intimate Ceremony space features a koi pond with a bride where the couples stand to marry.

This is a simple package for couples who want to have a very short, simple ceremony. We offer two versions of the package: for the couple and two witnesses (you can provide them or we can)  OR for the couple and up to 15 guests. This allows people in a myriad of situations to have a beautiful but simple ceremony in a lovely setting. The package includes 30 minutes use of the facility and the minister, and chairs for your guests (if having any). We offer Intimate Ceremonies during our office hours only: Mondays and Tuesdays between 10-6 and Thursdays and Fridays between 10-4). There are lots of ways to upgrade or personalize the package  – adding time, a florist, a photographer, or (during the summer) moving the ceremony to our outdoor garden area – all for additional fees, etc.

Their first kiss as husband and wife!

Some of our Intimate Ceremony couples wear full wedding gear: gowns and tuxes. Other times they will wear a simple white dress and suit or nice dressy clothes (like our couple in the pictures). And sometimes, people come as they are (which is perfectly lovely!)…in their work or play clothes! Some couples bring music to be played during their ceremonies or flowers to hold and wear. Some people don’t. The point of the Intimate Ceremony is to essentially just tie the knot – in whatever way works for you!

A precious embrace after the ceremony.

Most of the time Intimate Ceremonies are scheduled one or two weeks in advance. Sometimes many months. Other times, people will call the morning of the day they would like to get married – that works just fine for us as long as the facility and the minister are available. We require a valid Oklahoma Marriage License in order for you to get married here at Ashland Gardens and The Gardens.

The Happy Couple!

Scott and Delaram are a beautiful couple that absolutely radiate love for one another. Prior to their ceremony here in Oklahoma City, they shared in a ceremony in Iran – surrounded by friends and family there. They hope to schedule a full wedding and reception here in the States in the future for their friends and family that live here. We wish this gorgeous pair all the happiness in the world.

Scott and Delaram 11.27.12

Mr. and Mrs. Garland!


All The Small Things

When planning a wedding, it is rarely “The Big Things” that people find to be their struggle. Finding things like a facility and a DJ and a caterer are all elements that are so important, but once they are done, they’re done. But the small things – all the little details – are what can really give people headaches. The lists roll through your mind at night and keep you up, invading your dreams and making you feel overwhelmed. We speak with Brides each day who are having this “detail dilemma.”

We get it – the details are what make your big day unique, and we love them! The colors, the favors, the flowers, the linens, the lighting…all the little touches that make your ideas come to life. Run with that, but make sure to not run so far that you can’t cross that finish line (read: walk down the aisle…because that is the idea here, right?!). Here are some tips to help you quit sweating the small stuff:

1. Make a list. Make two or three. Have a whole book of lists! There are apps on your smart phone that will help you, or break out a good old-fashioned pen and legal pad. List making will help you get it out of your brain and down onto paper. Who knows, maybe once you see it there in front of you, it won’t seem so insurmountable? List making can also help you prioritize. Ask yourself which details are most important – especially if you are dealing with time or financial constraints.

2. Create a timeline. Your own timeline. Ditch the magazine timeline that has you really sweating by the time you are done reading. Figure out what you need to do, and how much time you have, and then line it all out. Make sure you get things done early enough that the week of your wedding isn’t spent tying bows on favors and folding programs. Be sure to include important payments dates, etc.

3. Enlist some help. Come to us first. We can help with SO MUCH – it is our pleasure to take as much off of your plate as you will allow us. And then after that, whatever we are unable to assist you with, round-up those cousins and neighbors and pre-teens that have been begging to help. Only allow people who will actually make you feel less stressed – steer clear of folks that will call you at midnight panicking (you have your own middle of the night panicking to handle!) or will be panic attack prone on the wedding day. Ask those you trust to handle these important tasks. *One of the common mistakes our brides will make is rounding up their crew before coming to us, you do not need a clean up crew or someone to set up your favors, etc…we have that covered.*

4. Organize and Label. Putting finished products in boxes can help you feel a world better. Start boxing up all the ceremony items and decor (silk petals, unity candle or sand, guest book and pen, etc) and then label those boxes – it will save you a step in the long run. Then do the same for the reception items. If you are providing your own centerpieces for us to set up, take a picture of what you are wanting and tape it to the top of the boxes with the centerpiece items. Just seeing that pile of boxes and storage containers all stacked up will make you feel like you can start checking things off those checklists.

5. Schedule a time to come in and speak with one of our coordinators. If any of these items seems too stressful – scrap it and just come see us. We can help you make lists and timelines. When it gets much closer to your wedding here, we can even help you start stacking those boxes on our wall and not your living room’s!

6. Keep it all in perspective. Remember, as amazing and fun as all the little details are, this day is about you marrying your best friend. At the end of the day, that is the only detail that truly matters.

Here are some amazing details from some recent weddings here at Ashland Gardens and The Gardens:

Blue and Purple Details

Bar Details

Rustic Details for Bar

Rustic Centerpiece Design Details

Wheat in the Groom’s Bout
Incorporates Rustic Detail

The amount of attention to detail
given to this cake helped add so much
to the rustic/glam theme.

So many design details went into decorating
this cake table.

Close up of tree stump cake stand. Incredible.

Tree stump, antler, and lantern details.

AMAZING Centerpiece Details!

Truly, the little things.

Guest book table decor.

Precious signs with burlap chair ties, detail shot of centerpiece, gorgeous attention to detail given to the flowers.

Details meant for an outside ceremony moved indoors to create the perfect rustic feel in the Chapel. Crates, Tin Cans, Baby’s Breath. Simple as that.

Black and Turquoise Guestbook, Unity Sand and Flower Girl Basket Details.

Floral and Feather Details!

Centerpiece, Toasting Flute, Cake Topper Detail

The cake was dreamed up by the Bride and designed by Rosebeary’s to mimic the Bride’s dress – the applique details and the ruffles. FABULOUS!

DIY Detail. Love it!

Open House: Preview of Coming Attractions

Ashland Gardens and The Gardens hosts an annual Open House each Winter. It is an evening full of wedding planning bliss where you can view each facility, meet our wonderful recommended vendors, taste test cake flavors, sample hors d’oeuvres, and take a look at all of the planning services we can offer you. Think: Mini-Bridal Show. Admission is free and when you register, you are signed up for a multitude of door prizes that range from a free limo to significant discounts on our packages. Lots of the vendors offer Open House Specials and can check their availability for your big day on the spot. This event is a HUGE time and money saver when it comes to planning your wedding. Our current and potential brides are all encouraged to attend.

Be Our Guest!

This year, we are  looking at possible online pre-registration to save you even more time that night. This event is not to be missed! As soon as the date is decided  – we will let you know. (Just FYI, traditionally it is scheduled on a Tuesday evening from 6-9PM in mid-late January or early February).

Let us know if you have questions about the Open House or how to be put on the VIP Early Invite list!

Have a beautiful, stress-free
Wedding Day & Planning Experience!
Don’t miss our Annual Open House!

Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a different experience for every bride. No wedding is the same and certainly no bride is the same. At Ashland Gardens and The Gardens, we recognize this and look forward to the challenge and joy each new wedding brings. Lots of women come to us bubbly, with lists and notebooks and binders and books and magazine cutouts, so very thrilled to plan their big day. Some come to us overwhelmed, unsure, and even frustrated by the whole process – we totally get it! It is a LOT of work to plan a day that has so many elements, so many details. Whether you have been planning since you were seven, or you have just started and the date is fast approaching, we have tools that we can equip you with to help make your wedding day easy as pie.

Our all-inclusive packages automatically wipe out a ton of your planning checklist, seriously, get that red pen out and start “x”-ing off those tasks. Cakes – we have that covered. Music – got it. Minister – done and done. Pretty much anything that might be giving you fits, we can help out with. And then there are all the things you never thought of, like the glassware and the forks, for example.  No last minute trips to the party depot or event rental store for you – we provide that as well. All that to say, it is our pleasure to assist you in planning and coordinating each aspect of your event. Check out everything that is included in all of our packages, we bet it will shock you. Call us today for pricing – that gets some people pretty excited as well! Never hesitate to call us or shoot us an email with any and all of your questions. Our coordinators are ready to take the burden off of your shoulders or get excited with you about the plans you already have (you know, the ones you made in the 9th grade!).

Please visit our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for information, packages, pictures, and just tons and tons of wedding ideas.

We pride ourselves in helping the best brides in the city have the most beautiful planning experience and wedding day possible. Happy Planning!