Wedding Cakes 

All of our Wedding and Reception Packages and our Reception Only Package include the Wedding Cake and The Groom’s Cake. We have an in-house Cake Designer we have been working with for years. She does beautiful work with white and ivory buttercream icing. Her classic designs can be mixed and matched – you choose the shape, the icing design, and the layout of the cake – for a truly unique creation.

She can also accommodate for birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and reunions. All flowers and ribbon (with the exception of the thin ribbon) is to be provided by the Bride. Always give us a call if you have any questions about the cakes.

Here are just a few examples of the options you may choose from:




For Always

Cutting the Cake

Tie The Knot with Ribbon

Tie The Knot With Ribbon
With Light Pink Designs

Hexagon with Ribbon


For Always

Diamond with Ribbon

Lace Design

Lace with Champagne Flutes



Diamond with Ribbon

For Always with Ribbon

Tie The Knot with Ribbon

Candlelight with Ribbon at Base

Ribbon with Flower Cascade

True Love

Stunning 4 Tiered Design

Groom’s Cake

The following three cakes are our top three most popular Groom’s Cake options. We have MANY more options in our cake book for you to see when you come visit us.

Tuxedo Cake

Chocolate Heart with Lid

Chocolate Shavings Cake
The most popular choice of all of our
Groom’s Cake Options


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